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Industry leading companies are using Sleeptrack API to understand their customers sleep and create innovative business use cases.

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Sleeptrack API Powers Human Centric All-day Care

The missing piece of all-day care is sleep data. From built-in microphone in your smart devices, start collecting users’ sleep data.


With Just a Microphone, Get Users’ Sleep Data

4 Class Sleep Staging (Sleep Quality)

Wake, Light, Deep, and REM in 30 second resolution.

Apnea & Hypopnea (Sleep Disorder)

Real-time apnea event detection with the sound of recovery breath.

Sleep Metrics

Metrics like Sleep Onset Latency and Sleep Efficiency to identify the overall sleep quality.


Sleeptrack API Features

Realtime Sleep Tracking

Whole night Sleep Analysis

Sleep Database


Product Value

Integrate Sleep Data in your Smart Home Devices for Realtime Sleep Care

Personalized optimal temperature helps maintain sleep with good sleep quality.
Light regulate a person's arousal and helps a person fall asleep and wake up naturally.
Low humidity causes sleep disorders and high humidity causes respiratory diseases.
Personalized sleep inducing contents shorten your sleep onset time.

Innovate Sleep Tech with R&D Partnership

Develop sleep environment control algorithms through R&D. Improve your customers’ sleep quality with your devices.

Product Value

Provide Sleep Report with Various UI Experience

Provide sleep reports that understand your customers through your smart device's display and app.
Understand your customers’s sleep and communicate with them based on sleep data.
Make your devices turn on and off based on sleep analysis results. Create new use cases with sleep data.

Present the New Sleep Data-based Lifestyle

Smart Watch
Smart Light
Smart Speaker
Smart Mattress
Air Purifier
Heating System
Air Conditioner
Smart Shades
TV / Display
Smart Coffee Machine
Mindcare Service
Meditation Service
Dietary Planning Service
Fitness Service

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