Acoustic Sleep AI, The World’s only breathing sound-based Sleep AI

Acoustic Sleep AI tracks the degree of activation of the autonomic nervous system through respiratory patterns and estimates the degree of muscle relaxation by analyzing the frequency patterns of breathing.

More accurate than Smart Watch Sleep trackers

With only a smartphone, anyone can accurately measure sleep at home. Suggesting new paradigm of sleep tracking.

Contactless sleeptracking
World No. 1
Manually labeled PSG+EEG+Sound pair
PSG+EEG+Breath sound manualy labeled data

The Most Scalable Sleeptech, Acoustic Sleep AI

The sleep data from the service is accelerating imrpovement of Acoustic Sleep AI even at this moment.

Medical Background

Acoustic Sleep AI has been medically validated

Sleep Stages and Sleep Apnea Analysis

Verified in Hospital Environment and Home Environment

Sex, Age, BMI, Sleep Disorder


Superior rates across all solutions

Wake | NREM | REM Accuracy
Detecting REM sleep is crucial in analyzing sleep features and providing real-time sleep care service. Acoustic Sleep AI is 15% more accurate than wearable devices and 25% more accurate than contactless devices.
Wake detection during sleep
Acoustic Sleep AI precisely detects sleep latency and recognizes the frequency of awakening during sleep. Its wake detection accuracy is 43% higher than wearable and 52% higher than contactless devices.
F****t | Smart watch
Ea***Se***Li** | Piezo sensor
R***d S* | Radar
Sl*****re M** | Radar

Our Research Papers

End-to-end Sleep Staging Using Nocturnal Sounds from Microphone Chips for Mobile Devices

Nature and Science of Sleep, 25 June 2022 Volume 2022:14

Confidence-Based Framework Using Deep Learning for Automated Sleep Stage Scoring

Nature and Science of Sleep, 24 Dec 2021 Volume 2021:13

HomeSleepNet: Sound-based Sleep Staging at Home

(Under Review) in npj Digital Medicine

Real-time detection of sleep apnea based on breathing sound during sleep and prediction reinforcement using home noises

J Med Internet Res. 22 Feb 2022 Volume 2022:25

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Develop sleep environment control algorithms through R&D. Improve your customers’ sleep quality with your devices.

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