Catch your breath, and find your rhythm of life

We create a world based on mutual understanding and caring for wellness by accurately measuring and interpreting sleep.

What is Our Goal?

ASLEEP helps people find one’s own pace and build an ecosystem of care

What Do We Do?

ASLEEP’s Acoustic Sleep AI finds the right daily rhythm for people worldwide

We change world with attitudes of caring our wellness

Attention and Care

We closely attend to your breathing and care for your wellness.

Continue and Connect

We connect your sleep with your daily routine and lifestyle.

Pace With ASLEEP

Keep your own speed and pace with Asleep.

We work together under ASLEEP Principles

Perseverance in Problem Solving

Wider, Bigger, Further


Communicate with Integrity

Action Mindset

Voicing and Commitment

Our Investors
With undivided interest from prominent investors, Asleep is growing warmly and prosperously even amidst the winter of investment.



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