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The AsleepTrack API uses the world's most accurate sleep AI model to provide an easy-to-integrate sleep tracking and analysis module.

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Asleep AI measures with unmatched accuracy
In accuracy benchmark studies including wearables and nearables from big tech companies, Asleep's AsleepTrack, using only a smartphone microphone, showed the highest accuracy.
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We introduced results from testing various sleep trackers, from wearables like smartwatches and smart rings to nearables placed near the bed, and app-based earables. Notably, among them, Asleep's 'SleepRoutine' app was selected as a sleep tracker with outstanding tracking accuracy and was given significant emphasis.
‘Apple, Google, Amazon, and Others: Comparison Study on the Accuracy of 11 Commercial Sleep Tracking Devices’

Complex sleep analysis, now in a module

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Accessing a 24-Hour Lifestyle
Secure your app's place as a constant companion from the moment your customers close to open their eyes, with features like sleep-inducing sounds and smart alarms.
Health · Fitness · Finance · Wellness
Offer tailored premium services that provide routines or diets based on sleep outcomes.
IoT · Smart Home
Facilitate deep sleep by turning off the lights when the customer falls asleep and adjusting the environment based on their sleep state.


We've compiled frequently asked questions about Asleep's AI technology and tracking methods.
How can sound-based sleep tracking be accurate even without wearing any device?
Does accuracy vary by gender, age, height, BMI, and disease?
Does accuracy vary depending on the location where the device is installed?
Does it work well in a home environment with various noises?