AsleepTrack API: the ultimate sleep module

Easily analyze sleep patterns overnight with AsleepTrack API. No complex tech needed.
Breathing Sound Technology
Analyzing Sleep with Just Sound: No Disruptive Equipment Required
Just a Microphone
Analyze only with your smartphone's microphone
Overwhelming Accuracy
The most accurate sleep tracker to date
AsleepTrack API & SDK
Addressing all complexities, AsleepTrack API & SDK simplifies sleep tracking and analysis.
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Personal Data Security
System Override
File handling
Resolving Capacity and Server Issues
Optimal AI engine
Upload sound data for asynchronous sleep analysis powered by our AI. Register a callback URL to access analysis results from your backend system.
Tracking results
User management
Sleep sessions
Key service metrics
With our SDK, you have all the tools necessary to create an exceptional in-app sleep module.
Audio recording
API communication
Analysis results
AsleepTrack API features
Two types of sleep analysis features are available, based on the resolution of sleep analysis. Add add-on features to offer even more valuable solutions to your customers.
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2 Stages
Sleep Stages
Get generic sleep analysis results such as total sleep time, time taken to fall asleep, and sleep efficiency.
Metrics suggestions:
Inform customers when they fell asleep and when they woke up
Create weekly and monthly sleep quantity indicators based on the total actual sleep time.
Inform how many times and when they woke up during sleep
2 Stages are ideal for:
Enhance your existing routine with an automatic sleep tracking feature
Introducing a Miracle Morning Challenge based on real metrics
Automated sleep time tracking
Miracle Morning Challenge
Light sleep features
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4 Stages
Sleep Stages
Sleep Stages
Sleep Stages
In addition to all features of 2-stage analysis, further distinguish sleep states in more detail. With premium analysis results including deep sleep time, REM sleep time, and average sleep cycle duration, you can assess detailed sleep quality and sleep types.
Metrics suggestions:
Quantify the quality of the customer's sleep
Provide details when and how long the customer experiences REM sleep
Provide details on whether the customer was in deep sleep and for how long
4 Stages are ideal for:
Advanced Sleep Analysis for restful sleep
24-Hour Hyper-Personalized Service
Control Customer's Sleep Environment with IoT Solution
Smart Sleep Analysis
Hyper-Personalized Service
Advanced sleep features
Automated IoT
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Add-on features
For IoT, SmartHome
Introducing real-time monitoring of user sleep stages. (5min intervals):
  • 2 Stages + Real-time Analysis = Wake / Sleep realtime monitoring
  • 4 Stages + Real-time Analysis = Wake / REM / Light / Deep realtime monitoring
Automatic dimming of smart lighting and TV when user falls asleep.
Help improve energy efficiency and create a better sleep environment.
Implementing motion bed actions based on sleep states can enhance customers' sleep experience.
Breathing Stability
For Micro-monitoring, Sleep solutions
Adding feature to analyze respiratory instability hourly, rated by risk. (Class 2 medical device for standalone diagnostic feature.)
Aid in detecting sleep apnea prognosis, often only detectable through polysomnography. (*Compatibility testing required for device suitability with term 'apnea'.)
Delivering sleep reports and diagnostics enhances professionalism and reliability, aiding in providing sleep solutions.
For service-entry, Engagement
사용자의 코골이를 감지하는 기능을 추가합니다.
Highly preferred feature: Snoring check
This feature is ideal for early service entry and engagement.
AsleepTrack Dashboard
Administrator dashboard for viewing sleep data at a glance. Monitor all data, from sleep metrics to service usage.
Dashboard Guide ↗
01 Analysis
02 Users
03 Sessions
Sleep report design guide
We offer user-friendly design guides and Figma files to kickstart sleep report design.
A focus on safety
Beyond removing sensitive sound and personal data, we undertake irreversible image processing for enhanced privacy. All data is encrypted for safety against unauthorized access.
Data handling in Asleep ↗️
Audio Data Preprocessing
We convert sound to image before transmit it to the server
Cloud Security
We protect customer data and infrastructure from unauthorized external access
Data Encryption
All transmitted data is encrypted to ensure secure protection
AsleepTrack API is already integrated with industry-leading companies